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One of the most difficult tasks for HR managers is the benchmarking of employee benefits. This ensures that your company's benefit programs are competitive or at least at par with the industry. 

Here are our free services for Benefits Benchmarking:

  1. Free Comparative Analysis - we provide free annual benefits comparative study so you can be up-to-date with the changing trends in employee benefits.

  2. HMO and Medical Coverage Review - we provide you with an objective assessment of your existing benefits package to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of their healthcare plans while maintaining a healthy level of utilization. 

  3. Group Life and Accident Insurance - we evaluate your employee's risk exposure and we design an effective coverage to protect your company's interests. You can choose from these two options: a. Fixed-Benefit Plan and b. Multiples of Basic Salary Plan.

  4. Group Retirement Program - we provide free actuarial assessment of your retirement funding needs following the provisions of the Retirement Pay Law. We also help you establish an enhanced retirement program with vesting structure that pays on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th year of service. 

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