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Individual and Family

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, OFWs, and their families also need health insurance. Individuals and Families have special healthcare needs that are often overlooked by most HMO and insurance providers. Keyman can help evaluate your current medical condition first so we can propose a specific solution for your healthcare requirements.

Your Personal Healthcare Coverage, a Plan You Can Afford.

Having been in the insurance industry for more than 15 years, we know how limited is the coverage for individual and family policy holders like freelancers, entrepreneurs, OFWs and their families. In most cases, the pre-existing medical conditions are not covered and the annual premium rates are too expensive.


This has been the major obstacle why the insurance penetration in the Philippines is very low. Based on estimates, only 14-16% of all Filipinos are insured. We are one of the countries in Asia with the lowest insured population.

Thus, Keyman and its insurance partners have designed medical insurance plans for this market segment. We believe that the key in penetrating the retail market is to come up with products that are affordable, convenient, and easy to understand. That’s why prepaid healthcards have been increasingly becoming popular year after year. In fact, they’re so accessible that you can buy them from convenience stores, minimarts, and cash-remittance centers nationwide.

However, there is still a gap in the distribution and end-user side. Somehow, the end-users do not understand how these prepaid cards work and what services are covered. Worse is, cardholders are just wasting money and end up frustrated because they lack proper understanding of these products. And that’s where Keyman comes in, we diagnose the current medical situation of the customer first the propose a well-designed plan of action. It doesn’t stop from just buying the product. We focus more on how these products can help the customer achieve their health targets.

The most basic plan can be as low as Php699 per person depending on the specific medical requirements.

Healthcare Benefits

Emergency Care
Dental Care
Outpatient Care

Are you qualified?

“…cardholders are just wasting money and end up frustrated because they lack a proper understanding of HMO/healthcards.”


Richard Bongog

Health Benefits Manager

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