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SME Healtcare Plans

Comprehensive healthcare programs for startup companies and small-and-medium enterprises (SME’s). Enjoy the same top-of-the line healthcare services given to the employees of the biggest corporations. Plus, pre-existing conditions (PEC’s) are covered.

Get the best healthcare plans at the least cost

With KEYMAN’s new HMO and healthcare programs for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), your organization is assured that your members are covered with employee benefits at par with big multinational companies. Our partnership with our trusted insurance providers enable us to cater to the needs of our customers with as little as 5-19 initial employees. This program is geared towards start-ups, BPOs, service oriented companies, technology companies, manufacturing, shipping, and consulting firms.


Another version of this program caters to companies with  20-99 members on a discounted rate. Both programs offer access to major hospitals and the option to choose whether you want a nationwide or local coverage only to lower your costs.

Based on the latest survey conducted in Asia Pacific, the top 5 medical benefits being considered by employees as the most important are: Inpatient and Hospitalization, Outpatient Care, Maternity Assistance, Critical Illness Insurance, and Accidental Disability coverage. However, not all employers, particularly startups and SME’s are financially able to provide all these benefits to their employees. Specifically, in the Philippines where according to the data reported by,  more than 99.6% of all the companies are considered as SME’s.

Thankfully, Keyman in partnership with the best insurance and HMO providers, we are able to provide effective healthcare solutions without breaking the bank. We have products available in the market that caters to specific segments of a medical coverage like unbundled Emergency, Inpatient, Outpatient, Senior Care, etc. For as low as Php699, one can get a prepaid emergency card that covers up to 15,000. See sample programs below:

SME Healthcare Benefits

Value for Money
Ease of Use

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“Providing quality healthcare to your employees is now easy and affordable”.


Melissa Gojo

Employee Benefits Manager

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