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24/7 Customer Support

Keyman prides itself of having dedicated customer service teams who are available for our clients for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also deployed specialized teams for After-hour support to ensure that our members are well-taken cared for even after office hours. This setup allows our clients to get real-time updates and urgent assistance especially during emergencies.


The most challenging situation for HR managers is to discover that their employees are not getting fast medical attention in times of crisis. With Keyman's customer support teams, they are assured that they have access to liaison officers who can help expedite the approval of guarantee letters, admitting orders, payments, reimbursements, etc.


After signing up with Keyman, you will be provided with the following implementation officers:

1. Account Manager - oversees all the processes, concerns, contracts, providers, and approvals pertaining to the account.

2. Customer Care Officer - handles enrollment, cancellation, LOA approvals, reimbursements, APE scheduling, inquiries, accreditation, and other functions.

3. Billing Officer - reviews member movement, checks accuracy of billing statements, extension of payment due dates, etc.

4. Renewal Officer - ensures that your policy contract is up-to-date and provides you suggestions for enhancements, comparative study, and vendor selection.

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